Admissions Coaching

Work with your very own advisor and receive the guidance you need to succeed.

The college and scholarship application process is a stressful experience for both students and parents. Work with your very own advisor and receive the guidance you need to succeed in the entire college process. We’ll help you find your best-fit schools, submit an outstanding application, write a strong essay and more.

School Selection

Choosing a college isn’t always easy. The right college for you is not necessarily the most prestigious school or the school where your parents or older siblings went. Public-school counselors often know little about colleges outside their state and steer students to states schools instead of a private colleges that could include a better academic fit and significant price discounts. We will help students narrow which school is best for them based on their unique qualifications and background, help them understand what scouts look for, and how they can improve their chances of being accepted.

Admissions Strategies

We help students understand what goes on behind the closed doors of admissions offices

The college admissions process is tailored to each individual and is very personal.

Sometimes, in order to get accepted to college, a person needs to improve their grades or take part in extracurricular activities. In other situations, it can be good for the applicant to focus on different colleges or even different programs to help improve their chances.

Applications Management

Applications can be complicated to fill out. In particular, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is especially difficult. It’s easy to understand why students (and parents) feel uneasy tackling this task. Still, it is absolutely essential to complete the FAFSA form if you hope to win any kind of financial aid. Obviously, not everyone is a FAFSA experts. Our coaches are here to help you with any application you need and to ensure you avoid making any mistakes while filling out the numerous forms.

College Guidance

Our personal coaches assist students with understanding and analyzing their options when they receive multiple offers from the colleges they applied for. We will help you evaluate factors such as career opportunities, social life, and financial aid, and how each potential institution fits into their admissions acceptance decisions. We will also guide students with their college major selection, portfolio and resume enhancement and interview skills building.

Your Instructor

Nancy Ella & Jennifer Finetti
Nancy Ella & Jennifer Finetti

Jennifer Finetti
College Admissions Coach

As a parent of a son who recently graduated college, and a daughter who is a current college freshman embarking on her own college journey, Jennifer approaches the transition from high school to college from a unique perspective. She truly enjoys engaging with students – helping them to build the confidence, knowledge, and insight needed to pursue their educational and career goals, while also empowering them with the strategies and skills needed to access scholarships and financial aid that can help limit college costs.

Jennifer earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz, and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from National University.

Nancy Ella
College Admissions & Financial Aid Consultant

Nancy's been in the college admission and financial aid field for nearly 25 years. Initially specializing in financial aid and college financial planning, but incorporated the admission insights to provide an additional advantage for students and their families. Nancy knows exactly what a student needs to do to gain both admission and generous financial offers. She evaluates each family’s ability to pay & helps them qualify for both merit scholarships as well as financial aid. She will teach both parent and student how to craft the right narrative to gain admission and generous financial offers. Having run her own company for many years, she has been a true innovator in developing many useful tools and software to help make this journey easier and less expensive. She has thoroughly enjoyed sharing her vast knowledge and interesting anecdotes with thousands of students and their families.

Nancy attended the University of Miami where she earned her Bachelors of Business Administration in International Finance and Marketing.

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